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PPRC Pipes & Fittings
About World Plastic

World Plastics is considered as one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing of advanced piping systems since 1984.

World plastics is the first company in Jordan producing Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPRC) (Thermopipe) and the only company manufacturing cross-linked polyethylene pipes with oxygen diffusion barrier (PEX 5L) which prevents the entry of oxygen inside the pipe.

During the last 27 years in business, World plastics has gained outstanding experience and recognition of its clients and principles; it is qualified to be a credited agent for many international brands.


A thermal polypropylene random copolymer (PPRC) pipe , used in domestic hot and cold water networks and main lines(raisers), central heating systems, and production lines of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


A cross-linked polyethylene plastic pipe (PEX) used in cold and hot water networks and under-floor heating networks, easy to install and maintain, corrosion resistant, and safe to transfer water and most of liquids.


A thermal polypropylene random copolymer (PPRC) pipe improved virgin of (THERMOPIPE) pipe with an intermediate aluminium layer strengthens the pipe and reduces its thermal expansion, used in domestic hot and cold water networks and main lines(raisers), central heating systems, and production lines of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Quality Policy

The policy of world plastic is distinguished by offering services and advanced plastic pipes of high quality which undoubtedly meet customers' requirements and exceeding their expectations in order to remain in a pioneer position in both local and regional markets via continuous improvement, training and development for quality control department systems (e.g.: quality planning, controlling, assurance, and improvement) .
Whereas "world plastic" has established, authenticated, developed and maintained quality department system through continuous improvement in conformity with standards specifications of ISO 9001:2000.
" World Plastics " uses new raw materials (virgin) and never uses recycled or regrind materials because of our moral and vocational commitment in this regard is our utmost guarantee of our customers since 1984, we are also proud to say that we are the only company in Jordan specialized in the field of plastic pipes possessing quality mark from Jordan Institution for Standards and Metro logy (JISM) for most products and the same indicates to our true commitment.
"World Plastic" uses raw materials of international specifications where from accrediting of best suppliers passing through production and ending with packaging process followed by prompt delivery within fully considered and transportation programmers which certainly serve their needs appropriately.

Our Completed Projects


  1. Rotana Beach Hotel
  2. Regency Hotel
  3. Hilton Hotel
  4. 27. Sands Hotel (Renovation)
  5. 28. Abu Dhabi Int`l Hotel (Renovation)
  6. Sheraton Hotel ( Renovation )
  7. Al Raha Beach ( TradeCenter )
  8. Rotana Beach Hotel - Fujairah
  9. Abu Dhabi Trade Center( Phase 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 )
  10. Abu Dhabi Trade Center Beach Residence
  11. Abu Dhabi Airport
  12. Al Bateen Airport
  13. Liwa Dubai Airport
  14. Abu Dhabi Trade CenterRotana
  15. Abu Dhabi Commercial bank
  16. H.H Shiekha Fatima Tower
  17. H.H ShiekhaMoza Tower
  18. Shk Abdullah Bin Zayed Palace
  19. H.H. ShkHamzza Bin Zayed Palace
  20. Al Murrour Tower ( Social Affaires )
  21. Al Buharia Tower (Sharjah)
  22. Etihad Towers project
  23. Central Market (Abu Dhabi) Al Bustan Complex
  24. Villa Compound plot Z17/1
  25. Al Rawdah Place
  26. Al Yassat Island
  27. A sadiyat Island (345-Villas)
  28. BelGhialam Residential Tower
  29. 8 Building in Al Ain
  30. Vegetable & Fish Market – Abu dhabi
  31. Al Kheily Tower
  32. Al Kheily Tower-2
  33. Al Jazeera Hospital (Renovation)
  34. Delma Project – Abu Dhabi
  35. Abu Dulah Al Fahim Tower
  36. Mr. Mohammed Al Zabee
  37. Al Fardan Tower ( ADH )
  38. Sheikha Maryam Tower
  39. Al Fardan Centre (Sharjah)
  40. H.H. SheikhaHamda Bin Mohamed Building
  1. Al Saheal Tower
  2. Al Suwaidi Tower
  3. Shk. Hamdan Bin Zayed Palace
  4. Jannah Tower
  5. Dubai Atomobile and Tour Club
  6. Nasser Belhool Tower
  7. Al Suwaidi Building
  8. 150 Villa (Khalidia complex)
  9. Shk. Abdulah Bin Zayed Palace
  10. Al Ain Mall Project
  11. Fish &Vigitable Market Dubai
  12. H.H Sheikja Maryam Palace (Al Raha)
  13. Shk. Affra Bint Zayeed Tower
  14. Al Ghazlam Island
  15. Corniche Hospital (Renovation)
  16. Mfraq Hospital
  17. H.E. SheikhaMohameed Bin Butti Al Hamid Palace
  18. Dubai British School
  19. National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  20. Shk. Sultan Bin Khalifa Tower
  21. Shk. Shamsa Bin Zayed Tower
  22. Shk. Mohd. Bin Khalifa Tower
  23. Dr.Abdulah Al Nowais Tower
  24. Fatima Al Otaiba Building
  25. Shk. Ahmed Bin Zayed Building
  26. Afra Al Ghazali Building
  27. Al Zafra Air Base
  28. 88. Medical Centre (Al Bateen)
  29. 90. Sas Al Nakheel complex
  30. Shk. Sultan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Palace
  31. Marina Village
  32. Shk. Zayed Tower
  33. Latifa Shames Al Wiheibi Building
  34. Hilalomir Ali Miran Al mansouri Building
  35. Omer Ali Miran Al mansouri Building
  36. National Bank of Abu Dhabi (Al Yaher)
  37. National Bank Of Abu Dhabi (Swehan)
  38. HazaaMohdBighitSayed Al Mansouri.

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