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Wooden Floor
About UTC

UTC is the best private parquet producing factory in Ukraine, established in 1998. More than 14 years we successfully domineer on the market with quality and innovativeness in our products and with correctness and professionalism to our clients. Our own quality control system built, the precision in processing of every detail and well organized production line allow good power production and imperative competitive power on the market.

The business activity of the company is production of interior and exterior wooden floorings by different types of hard broad-leaved wood in production standards consistent with international requirements and decided by the Ministry of Health for an ecologically clean product. The company is a member of The Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry in Ukraine

Our Partners

The company has well developed distribution network all over the world.

Our foreign partners are firms from Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech IA, USA, Argentina, Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon.

UTC Technology

New modern technologies are implemented, takes place updating of the equipment and reconstruction of territory of the enterprise.

Manufacture has the full closed cycle: from loading and export of round forest products, their sawing up, drying and delivery directly to the customer. Depending on the scheme of our cooperation, you can always change and be present at execution of your order.

Manufacturing Process

Log preparation

Cutting and Production

  • First stage of production by using sawmills machine in the Processing area to produce raw material (logs) become sawntimbers/lumber.
  • Lumber that is dried in a kiln, or a large oven, or by natural air.
Kiln Dried
  • Lumber that is dried in a kiln, or a large oven, or by natural air.

Kinds of Wood Flooring
Widespread in Europe, Asia and America. It is a traditional sort for Ukraine for making parquet floors. Oak is long-lasting, it endures all fashion changes, is fit to any style of interior. The sapwood of oak is light yellow. The mature wood has tint from hazel to yellow- brown with a beautiful texture on a cut. It is durable, lasting steady to external influence. Oak gets a little bit darker in course of time, that gives the tint of noble old times, to the floor, that is long time being in use but well-groomed. Hardness on Brinell 3.8.           



Widely spread in Europe, traditionally used for making of parquet floors. Wood is light, with a reddish-yellow or greyish tint. Due to the homogeneous structure of wood a beech floor looks quiet, warm, even soft, although beech is a hard and durable tree, not yielding in that relation sort to oak. Beech more than other breeds of tree is sensible to the changes of humidity in an apartment. Hardness on Brinell 3, 8.



Grows mainly in central part of Europe, although there are the American and Japanese varieties of ash. Wood is light, slightly rather yellow, with the well expressed characteristic picture of texture on a cut. A sap-wood and mature wood do not differentiate practically. An ash excels oak in hardness, but is very elastic and often used for sporting objects.

Exterior Wood Flooring

It’s made by hard broad – leaved wood Acacia, which is inflexible to outer atmospheric conditions like rain, sun, wind, cold and heat, and it’s extremely steady to mechanical influences caused by the daily use. It can be used for verandas, around pools, in saunas and bathrooms, in the garden and other places. The fix of the details is through supporting elements, which have low ageing factor. The unique jointing of this kind of exterior parquet gives it many advantages and makes it extremely functional:

it allows the water (rain water or on pouring) to outflow through the technological bevels between the details;
it doesn‘t allow small objects got into the bevels to fall on the ground;
that it doesn’t depend on the wet processes in building;
the aesthetic consistent appearance of the product. The supporting elements are not visible, the jointing remain hidden, which contributes for the beauty and the uniqueness of this product.
This parquet is patented and protected with certificate of useful model.

Wood Flooring Colour & Size

UTC Ukraine Company produces wooden flooring from different kinds of wood (oak, ash and beech) Flooring is produced according to the high standards on Canadian and Dutch equipment. We produce solid parquet boards with more than 10 different colors

Wood Flooring Sizes
  • 14mm (Th) x 90-140mm (W) x 600-1200mm (L)
  • 16mm (Th) x90mm (W) x600-1200mm (L)
  • 16mm (Th) x120mm (W) x600-1200mm (L)
  • 20mm (Th) x120mm (W) x600-1200mm (L)
  • 20mm (Th) x140mm (W) x600-1200mm (L)
Industrial Flooring Size
The Fine parquet for floor with heating.
  • 10mm (Th) x 8mm (w) x 160mm (L), oak select
  • 10mm (Th) x 8mm (w) x 160mm (L), oak natural
  • 10mm (Th) x 8mm (w) x 160mm (L), ash natural

The Universal parquet for any floor
  • 16mm (Th) x8mm (W) x 160mm (L), oak natural
  • 14mm (Th) x23mm (W) x 160mm (L), ash natural
  • 16mm (Th) x23mm (W) x 160mm (L), ash natural

The Parquet for greater loads and athletic platform: basketball, volleyball, soccer…
  • 18mm (Th) x 23mm (W) x 160mm (L), oak natural
  • 18mm (Th) x 23mm (W) x 160mm (L), ash natural
  • 23mm (Th) x 18mm (W) x 160mm (L), oak natural
  • 23mm (Th) x 18mm (W) x 160mm (L), ash natural

The Classical parquet - the most time-proof and strong parquet for offices, common-room, muse, restaurant, schools, church, shopping centers and apartments.
  • 23mm (Th) x 8mm (W) x 160mm (L), oak select
  • 23mm (Th) x 8mm (W) x 160mm (L), oak natural
  • 23mm (Th) x 8mm (W) x 160mm (L), oak rustic
  • 23mm (Th) x 8mm (W) x 160mm (L), oak antic
  • 23mm (Th) x 8mm (W) x 160mm (L), ash select
  • 23mm (Th) x 8mm (W) x 160mm (L), ash natural

Parquet lengthened
  • 23mm (Th) x 23mm (W) x 300mm (L), oak select
  • 14mm (Th) x 23mm (W) x 300mm (L), oak select
  • 10mm (Th) x 23mm (W) x 300mm (L), oak select

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